An examination of norways prison system

Norway's controversial 'cushy prison' experiment - could it catch on in the UK?

In the hospital inmates are obliged to wear striped uniforms. And this brings me to the chief way to proceed with this kind of information, easily available via the knowledge network of the Information Age.

Fights for acquisition of the better deals are known to happen. In fact, Skien is a concrete fortress as daunting as any prison I have ever experienced and houses some of the most serious law-breakers in the country.

Are the services of qualified dentists and opticians available to every prisoner. In one of the newer US studies,from Texas, they find however that time served in prison leads to relapse into crime and exclusion from working life.

For Americans who might be wondering, we rank third, at The more occupants there are in one cell the less clean it is. Are released prisoners assisted in finding suitable accommodations and work.

High-achieving universities Norway is undistinguished here, perhaps because its secondary school leavers have not been rigorously prepared I think this the greatest weakness of the Norwegian system; commentators recently estimated that, on PISA, high-achieving Norwegian math students were three years behind their counterparts in Shanghai.

Are released prisoners provided with immediate means of subsistence; are they suitably and adequately clothed with regard to the climate and season, and are they afforded sufficient means to reach their destination. The sanctions may be any of the following, according to the severity of the infraction: There are statutory provisions for nutrition and quality, as well as the reasonable medical, religious and philosophical dietary requirements of each prisoner.

They come and go as they please. For example, a number of studies have proved that increased inequality is directly correlated to increased crime.

Prisoners who do not have adequate clothing of their own shall be provided with clothing suitable for the climate. Are there any health and safety precautions for prisoner workers in order to protect them adequately.

In fact this process is rarely followed and the infectious sick are not isolated. Five years after conviction, there is a 27 per cent lower risk that convicts who have been in prison have committed new crimes, compared to those who were given more lenient penalties, like probation and community service.

Also per statute, the families can bring up to one kilo of foodstuffs per week in some facilities this is not permitted. Only four guards remain on the island after 4pm. Prisoners typically spend their waking and sleeping hours locked alone in small, sometimes windowless cells, some of which are sealed with solid steel doors.

As we walk along the icy, snowbound track that leads to the admin block, he tells me how the prison operates. The organization and methods of work in the institutions shall resemble as closely as possible those of similar work in the community in order to prepare prisoners for the conditions of normal occupational life.

Description of one admission to prison: The decision provided no information as to the reasons for an extension of the period in high security. Are prisoners allowed to give birth outside prison. Prisoners can also apply to universities offering remote studies programmes.

Regulations state that the prisoner shall be interviewed by a nurse for preliminary information gathering within 24 hours of intake, and by a doctor for a complete physical evaluation within 72 hours of intake. Are minors aged less than 18 detained in establishments specially designed for the purpose.

Are the consultations and other communications including correspondence about legal matters between prisoners and their legal advisers confidential.

Norwegian prisons rehabilitate criminal offenders

He goes on to explain that because the Norwegian penal system has no death penalty or life terms and a maximum sentence of just 21 years, Norwegian society is forced to confront the fact that most prisoners, however heinous their crimes, will one day be released back into society.

Prisoners in Norway can apply for a transfer to Bastoy when they have up to five years left of their sentence to serve. Norway has worked hard in recent years to upgrade these, which appear to be relatively effective: It always seemed to me while I was in jail that the real prison scandal was the horrendous rate of reoffending among released prisoners.

May 22, Source: The difference between social welfare and capitalism First, the two countries work on different economic paradigms.

The Norwegian prison where inmates are treated like people

This is exactly the type of dramatic turnabout -- enraged killer to gentle-giant midwife -- that corrections officials in Norway hope to create with this controversial, one-of-a-kind prison, arguably the cushiest the world has to offer.

The researchers connected these data sets to Lovdata and could thus see how each judge sentenced differently for the same offense.

He works in the laundry and is the house father of his four-man bungalow. In practice prisoners are only authorized to leave the prison for funerals. But what really sets us apart is the Norwegian attitude towards prisoners.

What is it used for for example, punishment, protection etc. In the hospital there is the possibility of visits five days per week. Can a prison possibly justify treating its inmates with saunas, sunbeds and deckchairs if that prison has the lowest reoffending rate in Europe?

Live reports from Norway on the penal system that.

3 Reasons This ‘Perfect’ Prison System Will Not Work in America

May 24,  · Off Norway, murderers and rapists sunbathe and tend cows. Norwegians stand up for this brand of justice, even as the trial of an admitted mass killer is under way.

Welcome to the world's nicest prison

The prison's architect suggested keeping "as much of the nature as possible," deputy head of the prison Jan Stromnes explained. That way, inmates could serve under normal conditions — one of the key principles in the Norwegian prison system.

Is there a system of prison leave as an integral part of the overall regime for sentenced prisoners? The statutes stipulate application procedures for various types of leave, including activities, medical reasons, preparation for liberty, and so on.

Norway is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The population is approximately million. The country is governed by a prime minister, a cabinet, and a seat parliament (Storting) that is elected every four years and cannot be dissolved. Jul 27,  · Wednesday, July 27, If you think Norway's mass murder, Anders Behring Breivik, will be headed to a 6'x8' cement prison cell, think again.

Breivik could be housed in accommodations rivaling a luxury vacation resort. This is Norway after all-- not the USA, the UK or Germany. According to a report in the UK Telegraph.

An examination of norways prison system
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