Essay on dowry system in pakistan

A number of negative consequences of these practices create a current, pressing problem in Karachi society. At the same time sample should be large.

Result showed that the most dominant class who exercising Dowry system is middle class as compared to lower and elite class. Some girls who are highly educated and even beautiful are forced to marry men who are not upto their worth in both appearneces and education all due to the fact that the suitable matches are bound to expect and ask for a high dowry that is both impossible for the girls family and is absurd hence the girl marries someone less deserving of her.

A good law would illustrate the sensitivity of the state institutions and the propensity of the state to deal with gender specific violence. It can be anything like house, furniture, clothes, cash, vehicles or electronics.

Results have been discussed in the light of Pakistani cultural context. It was also revealed that the core reason for putting the dowry into effect was greed.

Working class individuals turned into the fundamental focus of the assault. To meet the demand of dowry some lower class family girls try to earn money from evil and unethical ways. Muslims and members of lower status tribes, for example, are less likely than others to support the dowry.

Dowry system Essay - Part 3

Then there is a question about favoritism of dowry system in society and its outcome showed that the people are not in the favor of dowry system. Gender has association with banning of dowry system by government.

Today, women all over the world are ore or less enjoying equal rights. More technically, the property belongs to the wife and ought to stay within her control, though the husband generally has rights of managing. Howeverall these measures were not able to completely finish the system of dowry in Pakistan and some drastic measures need to be taken to do so.

Mostly respondents agreed that girls become mentally affected due to stress of dowry. The dowry system is so intensely entrenched in Pakistani civilization that sometimes one believes that there is no way out - at least not for one more century. Occupation and education level both have association with sharing of economic burden in society by dowry system.

In addition, to control this system youth and government both should take steps. The existence of gross dowry has been interpreted as evidence that women pay for marriage Tertilt, As such, the sooner we eradicate it, the better it will be for our society, nation and country.

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Sorry to say that number of girls in Pakistan has to face rude behavior and to hear taunts from her in-laws and even from her husband. In spite of being aware of the technically determined short comings of FAD, I would like to share with the readers that FAD may be viewed for social impact in Pakistan.

This research examined imbalance that dowry creates in the status of women and its mental affect on women under the Asian Economic and Financial Review 2 7:. An example could be the dowry system in marriages.

Essay on Dowry System in Pakistan in English Urdu Is it Good or Bad

Urban families follow the dowry system in a relatively lesser scale. The urban middle class has now begun to look for marriage partners who are similar in terms of the upbringing and socio-cultural backgrounds and not. The dowry system has been in practice in Pakistan from time immemorial.

Now it has become a curse. It poses a challenge which seems difficult to meet.

Dowry System Essay

The demand for the dowry became most essential condition of the marriage settlement. Middle class people became the main target of the attack.

To evaluate the phenomenon under consideration dowry system assessment inventory was used. The questionnaire was developed using scientific method.

Its reliability (α= ) and validity was established. The results showed that youth was the most dominant vigor to.

There is hardly any family in Pakistan un which this dowry system is not followed. Not a signal day passes without dowry death and torture women. News papers are full of stories torture of women who bring in sufficient dowry. December Dowry: The most frequently forgotten form of gender violence in Pakistan By Dr - Dowry System Essay introduction.

Rakhshinda Perveen Pakistan, Gender based Violence: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is riddled by contrasts in almost every sector. Pakistan: Marriage, Dowry and Violence: Contradictory to the obvious forms of gender based violence like rape, gang rape, custodial rape, acid throwing, karo Kari (“honor killing”), trafficking,forced prostitution, child sexual abuse etc.

; Dowry as a form of violence has yet to be accepted and understood by the social activists, researchers and policy makers in Pakistan.

Essay on dowry system in pakistan
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